DC HiPro

We wanted to explore using new materials and surface finishes, so we grabbed a couple high profile 60% aluminum cases with standard Pok3r standoff mounts of an existing design and went down to the powder coating shop.

Ripple Red

We chose to finish these cases with a red "ripple" finish, which evokes the type of engine block one might see on a high end Ferrari. The surface is textured to the touch and responds differently to the light it's under. This bold red finish represents the bold and luxurious feeling that embodies what we are trying to accomplish at Desk Candy.

As of February 2018, only 5 of these have been made, and each case is engraved and numbered from 1 to 5.

The keycap set on this keyboard is a dye-sublimated Alps-mount keycap set from a vintage Apple Extended Keyboard II with Japanese katakana sublegends. Because of the profile of these keycaps, there is a gap at the rear end of the case exposing the switch stems, but most modern MX mount keycap sets won't have this feature.