Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase group buy switches separately or do they need to be bundled with one of the GBs?

You can order Matias and Kailh switches on their own, but Novelkeys, Outemu SKY MX, and Originative Co MOD switches must be ordered with either Modern M0110 or XD60 v3.0. If you already joined Modern M0110 or XD60 v3.0 and want to add on switches to your order, then just let us know (email or PM /u/deskcandy on Reddit) so we don't automatically cancel your order.

What layouts are supported by Modern M0110?


The Modern M0110 base kits include a brass plate supporting this layout, which is also referred to sometimes as "MX HHKB" and can be individualized with non-split backspace, split left shift (for ISO), stepped caps lock, ISO enter, and non-split right shift.

I want a different layout than in the default Modern M0110 plate. What can I do?

You can order a 3mm acrylic plate and select the "custom" option and provide us a layout definition from Keyboard Layout Editor to cut a custom plate. You can also design and cut your own based on our open source plate design as well.

Are there a limited number of slots for Modern M0110?

No, we are making this group buy available to as many people are interested :)