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[Group Buy] Modern M0110 Keyboard Kit

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It turns out when seismologists said the “Big One” was heading to California, they were actually referring to the Modern M0110. Clocking in at nearly 8 pounds or 3.3 kilograms, this keyboard is an absolute beast and a sight to behold.

The Modern M0110 is a modern take on Apple’s M0110 keyboard from 1984 (read more on Deskthority here), which has inspired keyboards such as the Happy Hacking Keyboard with its blocked corners and countless community designs with its sweeping multi-angled chamfers and thick bezel.

This is a kit, meaning that you are buying a keyboard enclosure and switch plate, so in order to make a fully functioning keyboard, you will need to purchase a PCB, stabilizers, and switches. Desk Candy has all of these parts available during the group buy period but you are also welcome to source your own parts and truly make this keyboard your own.

This kit includes:

  • Case in your selected color / finish (for custom color see this listing instead)

  • 1.5mm thick brass plate (Alps+MX) (layouts)

  • Case screws (8x M2 and 5x M3)

  • Custom box with logo by /u/GarrettSucks aka DixieMech

  • Rubber feet

  • Engraved serial number on inside of case

    • First 10 orders will be allocated 001 -> 010 on a first come, first serve basis

    • After that, serial numbers will be assigned first by reservation and then if the next number is not reserved, by the next available number

In order to finish a build you will need:

You are welcome to source parts elsewhere (Modern M0110 supports almost all 60% PCBs with GH60/Pok3r-like USB port location such as GH60, DZ60, Alps64) so you can order the kit as a standalone unit if you like or order the rest of the parts needed for your build through Desk Candy to save on shipping and take advantage of group buy pricing.

If you would like to further customize and enhance your build, you can also choose from these add-ons and customization services:

Finish colors shown in the gallery are silver anodized, grey anodized, and light sand (i.e., beige) Cerakote. Dynamic black surface finish is not pictured in photos. It is a dark matte black with subtle texture and flecks of dark grey.

If you want a custom and unique color for your order, then please check out this product listing instead (same kit, just with extra color option).

The Modern M0110 keyboard kit is expected to ship approximately 4 months after the close of the group buy, so you should expect fulfillment around late November 2018.

If you’re in the EU or China, please place your orders through one of our partners:

Made in Southern California in the USA.

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