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[Group Buy] Modern M0110 3mm Acrylic Plate

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3mm thick acrylic plate for your Modern M0110 if you want to type on acrylic for a softer bounce than brass and/or want an additional plate for more flexibility with your build. The default color is clear, but you can also specify a different color when adding the plate to your cart.

Choose from the standard Modern M0110 layouts or provide your own by selecting “custom layout” in the dropdown and emailing us your layout to in the form of a Keyboard Layout Editor link or JSON file.

These acrylic plates are special because the space for stabilizer wires under the plate are engraved out, meaning you can use PCB-mount stabilizers and have the stabilizer wires fit under the thicker plate without sacrificing overall switch stability.

If you order an acrylic plate, we also recommend ordering a 2mm-thick EVA foam spacer in order to get a better fit and fill the gap between your PCB and acrylic.

Acrylic plates provided by STRATA KB (/u/jolimon).

High-res preview of supported layouts in standard layout (Alps+MX)

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