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[Group Buy] Modern M0110 Assembly Service


Group Buy open 6/29 12:00AM PST to 7/22 11:59pm PST

Save yourself time by paying us to assemble your Modern M0110 for you before shipping you the keyboard. This service is only valid in an order with a Modern M0110 kit and if you also order switches, stabilizers, and a PCB with us.

This service includes:

  • Flashing PCB

  • Checking PCB for faults

  • Install and lube stabilizers

  • Soldering switches to plate

  • Installing assembled plate+PCB+stabilizers to Modern M0110 case

This service does NOT include switch modding (such as lubing, stem swapping, etc.).

In addition to a Modern M0110 keyboard kit (or custom Cerakote color version), you will need to order the following items in order to complete your build:

Please let us know in the form when you add the assembly service to cart if we should be aware of anything in particular.

NOTE: This assembly service must be purchased with a Modern M0110 keyboard kit. If you already ordered a Modern M0110 kit in a separate order, that’s OK—just drop us a note to let us know. Thanks!

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