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[Group Buy] Modern M0110 Custom Engraving


Group Buy open 6/29 12:00AM PST to 7/22 11:59pm PST

Truly make the Modern M0110 your own by custom engraving an area of the keyboard (in addition to the engraving inside the case which is included in the base kit). The engraving step basically removes a shallow depth of material in the shape you provide before the case goes to the final anodizing or Cerakote surface finishing step in the manufacturing process.

You can engrave any of these areas:

  • Bottom left corner (rectangle 27.3mm wide by 17.5mm tall)

  • Bottom right corner (rectangle 27.3mm wide by 17.5mm tall)

  • Centered rectangle on the back side of the case up to 3 inches (approx 7.6 cm) square

You are responsible for providing the design files for engraving and represent the area for engraving / material removal in black (RGB: 0, 0, 0) in an SVG or AI (Adobe Illustrator) file. We can help validate the feasibility of designs but will not be able to assist with design itself but there are many folks in the community if you need graphic design help. Please email all design files to by the end of the group buy order period (7/22/18 @ 11:59pm PST) in order to avoid any delays in fulfilling your order.

You must order engraving along with a Modern M0110 kit (if they are not in the same actual order that’s fine and you won’t be charged shipping for the engraving service on its own) if you want to add on engraving after placing your initial order.

We are not responsible or liable for any graphics you provide us that you do not have permission to use.

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