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[Group Buy] Modern M0110 Serial Number Reservation


Group Buy open 6/29 12:00AM PST to 7/22 11:59pm PST

NOTE: The first 10 serial numbers are off-limits and strictly available on a first-come first-serve basis for the first people to place their orders.

Got a favorite number? Reserve it as an exclusive Modern M0110 serial number here. Pick up to three preferred serial numbers (up to 3 digits, if less than 3 digits we will add the trailing zeroes) with the $25 serial number reservation fee.

In a daily draw around 10pm PST each day of the group buy order period (6/29 - 7/22), serial numbers will be assigned first by order time and then by preference. If we could not allocate a reservation for one of your three preferences, then we will issue you a refund—otherwise we will update the running spreadsheet for all reserved numbers and you are welcome to try again if you choose. There is no shipping cost for the serial number fee nor sales tax (if you are based in California).

The serial number will be engraved inside the case similar to the design as pictured and we reserve the right to tweak the layout and font of the inner case engraving for production.

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