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[Group Buy] Outemu SKY MX Tactile Switches - Pack of 65


Group Buy open 6/29 12:00AM PST to 7/22 11:59pm PST

In partnership with /u/hbheroinbob on Reddit, we are offering the new Outemu SKY MX Tactile Switches in 62g and 68g weights in packs of 65, perfect for Modern M0110 or your 60% build with XD60 v3.0. These switches are highly tactile and come in a gorgeous all-teal housing with tops that support switch top removal (after installing to a plate which supports top removal).

NOTE: these switches must be included in an order with either the XD60 v3.0 and/or Modern M0110 or your order will be automatically canceled (cannot be ordered separately). Your switches will ship with the rest of your group buy order.

If you are interested in individual switch parts (stems, housings, tops) for more customizability, please reach out to /u/hbheroinbob on Reddit or look for his posts on r/mechmarket for availability.

Close-up photo credit to Heck from the MechKeys Discord server.

Made in China.

Spring Weight (bottom-out):
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