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[Pre-order] 1.2mm Brass Alps AEK Plate


1.2mm thick brass Alps plate, laser cut to Hasu’s latest open source design (which now supports flipped spacebars!) for 60% DIY versions of the Apple Extended Keyboard. Get a proper brass plate in the 1.2mm Alps spec for your next project.

NOTE: this plate is NOT compatible with the XD60 v3.0 PCB. Hasu’s Alps64 PCB, the Clueboard 60% PCB and possibly others are compatible with this plate.

Plates are expected to ship by mid-October. Pre order price is $35 and will go up to $40 once plates are in stock (if they haven’t completely sold out by the time they arrive).

Material and laser cutting done in China, brushed + clear coat finish done in USA.

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