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[Group Buy] XDA Oblique - Modern M0110 Kit


Group buy is open until 7/22 @ 11:59PM PST

A special XDA Oblique kit with just the right keys for Modern M0110. If you are looking for the full suite of XDA Oblique options, please head over to DixieMech (if you’re in the US) for the full group buy.


  • 10 units - $65

  • 25 units - $60

  • 50 units - $45

Current orders: 4

Last updated: 7/14/2018

You must order this keycap set in conjunction with Modern M0110 (it’s okay if in same order or separate orders—if you already ordered a Modern M0110—we will refund your shipping on the keycaps so everything ships together). If you don’t have a matching Modern M0110 order we will have to cancel your keycaps order.

Keycap set designed by and image credit to /u/dr_derivative.

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