GROUP BUYs overview

Desk Candy is running three group buys from 6/29 @ 12:00AM PST to 7/22 @ 11:59PM PST: Modern M0110, Alps Throwback, and XD60 v3.0. Each group buy is a separate product but they are complementary to each other, in a glorious celebration of retro computing, Alps, and customization.

If you are based in the EU or China, please visit our partner's websites and and place your order through as they will be acting as our proxy throughout these group buys.


Pictured with GMK 9009 in Light Sand Cerakote finish.

Modern M0110

The Modern M0110 is a 60% custom keyboard kit inspired by Apple's M0110 keyboard originally released in 1984, updated for the modern era in expertly machined aluminum. The kit includes case and a brass plate (MX+Alps HHKB-like layout) and is compatible with most 60% PCBs, so you can build your keyboard to your exact specifications. We are also offering all the parts you need to complete your Modern M0110 kit as well as an assembly service at a special group buy discount or you can choose to assemble the Modern M0110 yourself and go the DIY route.

We are proud to say that Modern M0110 is manufactured in the USA.


Preview of supported kits.

Alps throwback

Alps Throwback is a DCS profile keycap set manufactured by Signature Plastics for Desk Candy in dye-sublimated PBT. The keycaps have Alps and Alps-clone (e.g., Matias) compatible stems and between the various kits support a wide range of popular community layouts (60%, 65%, TKL, Ortholinear).

We are proud to say that Alps Throwback is manufactured in the USA.


Render of XD60 v3.0 layout.

Xd60 v3.0

Alps and MX support. RGB underglow. USB Type-C connection. QMK firmware support. Split spacebars. What else do you need?

This is the new version of the XD60 keyboard updated with all the bells and whistles. We are particularly excited about this PCB because for the first time ever, you can now build a custom Alps-mount 60% keyboard using Cherry style PCB-mount stabilizers (e.g., GMK stabilizers) with this PCB and a Signature Plastics-produced Alps-mount keycap set such as Alps Throwback.


Putting it all together


Check out our picks for keyboard build ideas incorporating components from these group buys.

What's a group buy?

Think of group buys like a pre-order that facilitates the creation of really cool mechanical keyboard products that could not be brought to market otherwise due to minimum quantity restrictions on manufacturing at scale. If you buy an item marked "[Group Buy]", it means that item is not currently in stock, so please check the product listing for notes about expected fulfillment timelines. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Due to the nature of group buys, we are not able to honor returns except for defective products.