the story

John was jogging last summer after recently learning about Apple's M0110 and how Steve Jobs eschewed the use of arrow keys in an effort to convince users to buy into the brand new "computer mouse idea", and also how the M0110 had influenced the seminal Happy Hacking Keyboard from PFU with its classic blocked lower left and right corners, and it just clicked in his mind that someone needed to bring this classic design into the 21st century.

He and community designer /u/janglad met through Reddit's /r/mechanicalkeyboards subreddit where Jan is known for producing high quality keycap set renders, and the two shared a vision for producing a no-holds-barred premium quality reproduction of the original, and so the Modern M0110 project was born.

In true keyboard community-driven group buy style, we are holding an interest check thread on Geekhack in order to solicit user feedback (let us know what you think!), and we will be posting updates there and also through Desk Candy's mailing list and posts to /r/mechanicalkeyboards as well.

prototype v1

We brought the initial prototype up to the NorCal mechanical keyboard meetup in November 2017 and got a lot of positive feedback from the community. We still weren't completely satisfied with the machining quality so we went back to the drawing board to identify a few more improvements.

We received a second round of prototypes in early 2018 and identified a few more machining and surface finishing problems, so we are working to resolve those issues and launch a formal group buy later in 2018.


Renders by redditor /u/janglad