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Introducing Alps Throwback - a DCS profile Alps-mount keycap set in beautiful dye-sublimated PBT. This set takes inspiration from two classic vintage keyboards: both the Apple M0110 with its text-only mods and subtle novelties (e.g., R5 1.5u “Enter” key) and also from the IBM Industrial Model M with its blue accents. We also added in a red “Esc” for good measure to the base kit and designed this kit to cover the most popular community Alps builds. High res preview of the keycaps included in each kit.

This is the first-ever Alps-mount keycap group buy in PBT and supports the most popular DIY Alps layouts plus some new ones (split spacebars!!) such as 60% (Modern M0110, AEK, Hacker/Infinity, ANSI, ISO), 65% (Clueboard), Ortho (Planck, Let’s Split, Nyquist, Iris, etc.), and Tenkeyless (including Win-key less—though we did make sure to include a couple windows keys for good measure).

Supported keyboards and required kits:

  • Modern M0110: Base

  • Alps64 with AEK or Infinity Layout: Base

  • KBParadise V60: Base

  • Tenkeyless / 87-key (e.g., KBParadise V80): Base + Nav/65% + Arrows

  • Clueboard: Base + Nav/65% + Arrows

  • Planck / Preonic / Nyquist / Let’s Split: Base + Ortholinear + Arrows

  • XD60 v3.0 with split spacebars: Base + Split spacebar

  • XD60 v3.0 with split spacebars and arrow cluster: Base + Split spacebar + Arrows

  • 65-key, 78-key, and TKL keyboards by LFKeyboards: Base + Nav/65%/TKL + Arrows (split spacebar optional for split spacebar layouts)

This keycap set has Cherry MX-style stabilizer inserts so you need to use Costar stabilizer inserts or Cherry-style stabilizers—the new XD60 v3.0 has Alps support and Cherry/GMK PCB-mount stabilizer support so you can build an Alps 60% with this keycap set, the XD60 v3.0 PCB, and GMK PCB-mount stabilizers.

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Made in the USA (Washington State) by Signature Plastics for Desk Candy.

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